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 Starman #7: The Heart of Danger

by Michael D. Cooper


In the six years since their first adventure, Starmen David “Zip” Foster, Mark Seaton, and Joe Taylor have searched for, met, and befriended their allies—the noble and tragic race of Ahmanya. They have also discovered that not only the Ahmanyans but also the people of Earth have a relentless and vicious enemy in the Xenobots. The Xenobots, inhabitants of far distant Omega Centauri, are single-minded in their hatred of the Ahmanyans, the ancient race that had conquered them more than twelve millennia earlier. A decisive defeat at that time fed a hatred they nursed throughout the long time of their rebuilding—a time when the Ahmanyans, severely weakened by the first war with the Xenobots, had all they could do simply to survive. Now, with the Ahmanyans barely able to muster a small battle fleet, the Xenobots are on the verge of a massive invasion bent on the utter destruction of both Earth and Ahmanya. Knowing that the invasion is imminent, the three Starmen, joined by Starman Kathryn Mullaney, secretly infiltrate Omega Centauri itself. While in The Heart of Danger, they hope to capture one of their enemy’s most volatile and essential weapons and learn how to counteract it before their enemy launches the second Xenobot war!

The Heart of Danger is the long-awaited seventh book in the Starman Series. The story is roughly 70,000 words long, making it second in length only to The Lost Race of Mars. The Heart of Danger will be about 300 pages long, and will include a new unpublished short story, "The Eight Treasures".

The Heart of Danger has a Prologue, twenty-five chapters, and an Epilogue. The scenes take the reader from the South Pacific to the Omega Centauri cluster many light years across the galaxy. Some scenes are set in such places as Hawaii, the planet farthest from the center of the Milky Way galaxy (beyond which there is only empty intergalactic space), the rings of Saturn, and the Oort Cloud.

Readers will find that The Heart of Danger is a major turning point in the Starman saga. It also contains many very subtle clues that prepare the reader for future events, as yet untold.


Sample: You can view an except from the story by clicking here!


New! Paperback edition: This book has been reprinted using Cafepress and is once again available! You can find the book right here:

The book is 161 pages long and measures 7.5" x 9.25", which is a good deal larger than the standard series-book size. (Cafepress is unfortunately very limited when it comes to available book dimensions.) The book costs $11.83 plus S/H.

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