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Placeholder image Image of the cover art for The Lost Race of Mars Starman #5: The Lost Race of Mars

by Michael D. Cooper


The mystery of the alien symbol has been haunting David Foster. Everywhere he traveled he found  the same symbol: a cloud-covered planet with 3 moons, forming a triangle, in the upper-left hand corner. The symbol was embedded in the pirate's asteroid base, in the lost base on Nyx, and at the bottom of the ocean on Europa. Acting on a hunch which he thought was his own, David plotted the symbol on the computer and made a discovery that shocked and horrified him to his very soul.

To find out if his discovery was true, the Starmen took off to search the wastelands of Mars. Instead of finding more clues to the symbol, however, the Starmen instead found themselves mercilessly hounded for unknown reasons by a mysterious individual known only as the Banjoman.  As time went on the Starmen found themselves in increasingly desperate straits: it looked like it was only a matter of time before the corrupted leadership of Mars grounded the Starmen for good! Their only hope was the strange alien symbol, a network of invisible supporters, and the courageous Richard Starlight -- but would even that be enough to overcome a vast empire that had the support of a menace from beyond the stars?


THE LOST RACE OF MARS is the long-awaited climax of the first segment of the Starman Series. The book, which is 438 pages long and has nearly 100,000 words, is possibly the longest series book ever written. The story answers the questions brought up in the other stories and finishes off all the subplots in an intense, action-packed finale. You don't want to miss it!


  • is hardcover
  • is a numbered first edition (only 500 copies were printed)
  • has endpapers which, if looked at properly, produce a 3d image
  • has a frontispiece
  • has an introduction written by "Michael D. Cooper" along with a summary of the events that took place in the previous four books
  • has a professionally-made full-color wrap dustjacket
  • has one Starman short story, entitled SETI, in the back
  • and is illustrated with more than a dozen hand-drawn pen-and-ink illustrations


Sample: You can view an except from the story by clicking here


Hardbound Edition: Copies of this book cost $20.00 postpaid to destinations within the United States.

If you are outside the United States and would like to purchase this book, please add an additional $5 for postage.

This book is in stock and available.


To purchase this book please use our printable order form, which you can simply print out, fill out, and mail to us! Our mailing address is provided on the form.

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2004 by David Baumann, Jonathan Cooper, Mike Dodd. All rights reserved. Page last updated: 10/25/2004