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by Michael D. Cooper


The Starmen have learned that a mysterious alien race visited our Solar System thousands of years ago. In the third Starman book, Journey to the Tenth Planet, Zip Foster called them “The Benefactors” because of the kindness these people showed the diminutive people who live on Titan.

While they were on the tenth planet, the Starmen discovered that the Benefactors have a vicious implacable enemy—the Xenobots, a violent race that is searching for its “ancient enemy,” and will demolish Earth if necessary to further the search.

In Descent Into Europa, Zip Foster organizes a desperate search to find the Benefactors before the enemy does. Without their help, Earth stands no chance against the technologically superior Xenobots. With impeccable logic, the Starman leader has determined that if the Benefactors had a central base in the Solar System, it had to be on Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter. What the Starmen do not even suspect is that there is also a powerful enemy close to home.


DESCENT INTO EUROPA, the fourth Starman book in the series, includes a Starman tale of more than 50,000 words, but also features nearly a full sample chapter of the fifth Starman book, the adventure-filled tale The Lost Race of Mars. Even further, two complete Starman short stories are included, previously published only in the Inter*Stellars. Read “The Flight of the Olympia” and “The City of Dust.” Finally, the book is packed with 14 illustrations by Kevin Anetsberger and Mike Dodd.

With these additional attractions, Descent Into Europa is 272 pages long! The book is nearly 50 pages longer than the second longest Starman book. Each copy:

  • is hardcover
  • is a numbered first edition (only 500 copies were printed)
  • has color endpapers
  • has a frontispiece
  • has an introduction written by "Michael D. Cooper"
  • has a full-color wrap dustjacket
  • has the two Starman short stories in the back
  • has a sample chapter from Starman #5, The Lost Race of Mars
  • and is illustrated

Sample: You can view an except from the story by clicking here


Audiobook Edition: Americana has released the audio book of Descent Into Europa and is now selling it in stores nationwide! You can order a copy of this outstanding production directly from Americana for $18 plus S/H by calling toll free at 1-888-883-8203, extension 156. Just tell them you want the audio book of Descent Into Europa by Michael D. Cooper.

Americana has set up a website about this audio book! You can visit the site by clicking here.


Hardbound Edition: Copies of this book cost $20.00 postpaid to destinations within the United States.

If you are outside the United States and would like to purchase this book, please add an additional $3 for postage.

This book is in stock and is available.


To purchase this book please use our printable order form, which you can simply print out, fill out, and mail to us! Our mailing address is provided on the form.

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