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Placeholder image Image of the cover art for Journey to the Tenth Planet Starman #3: Journey to the Tenth Planet

by Michael D. Cooper


An astronomer, harnessing telescopes located on the far side of the moon, made an astonishing discovery: there is a planet that lies beyond Pluto! Starlight Enterprise decided to send an expedition to explore the planet Nyx, and the Starman trio are going along. Trouble begins almost at once: the ship jointly built by Nolan Mining Enterprises and Starlight Enterprises experiences near catastrophic failure midway to the planet. What's worse, a spirit of fear begins creeping upon the crew: rumors abound that the planet Nyx is a planet of doom. When the ship lands, the Starmen take a shuttlecraft down to the surface to explore -- and when they return they find their ship was gone! Events soon throw the Starmen into a desperate conflict with an ancient extraterrestrial menace, and the only weapon the Starmen have is their own courage. The Starmen must battle not only alien foes, but desperate human foes as well as they fight for life on the Planet of Darkness. 


This book, the third in the series, is 218 pages long. The book is slightly longer than the first book in the series. Each copy:

  • is hardcover
  • is a numbered first edition (only 500 copies were printed)
  • has color endpapers
  • has a frontispiece
  • has a full-color wrap dustjacket
  • and is illustrated

Sample: You can view an except from the story by clicking here!


Audiobook Edition: Americana has released the audio book of Journey to the Tenth Planet and is now selling it in stores nationwide! You can order a copy of this outstanding production directly from Americana for $18 plus S/H by calling toll free at 1-888-883-8203, extension 156. Just tell them you want the audio book of Journey to the Tenth Planet by Michael D. Cooper.

Americana has set up a website about this audio book! You can visit the site by clicking here.


Hardbound Edition: Copies of this book cost $15.00 postpaid to destinations within the United States. If you are outside the United States and would like to purchase this book, please add an additional $3 for postage.

This book is currently in stock.


To purchase this book please use our printable order form, which you can simply print out, fill out, and mail to us! Our mailing address is provided on the form.

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