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Making the 22nd Century an Age of Hope and Adventure

 At the beginning of the 21st century, the world economy was booming. Within two decades, however, most multinational corporations had overreached themselves and a severe, global depression set in, unprecedented in scope. All efforts to counter it failed. Governments fell and the infrastructure of the planet decayed, initiating the worst period in human history. The age became known as the Collapse, and was characterized by worldwide violence, terrorism, and unrestrained criminal opportunism. 

But the century ended with a glimmer of hope. The concepts of stewardship, accountability, and mutual responsibility revived. Starlight Enterprise was founded in 2089, committed to rebuilding the Earth and its culture. Originally a company dedicated to finding new sources of energy, it quickly became known for high ideals, philanthropy, and interplanetary ventures.

In the early 22nd century, Starlight Enterprise produced its first Starmen. The Starmen were the gifted and highly trained venturers of Starlight Enterprise. With their exploits, a new age of exploration and discovery began. Earth had not seen such a time for more than six centuries, when Christopher Columbus, Magellan, Sir Francis Drake, and others had set sail to discover new worlds.

In the course of their adventures, the Starmen gradually learned the amazing history of the Solar System. They discerned that this history is far different from what Earth had long believed. Finally they discovered the opportunity and responsibility of the people of Earth to defend and preserve their homeŚnow understood not to be a country or even a planet, but the entire system of worlds circling our star.

The Starman series chronicles the adventures of Starmen David Foster, Joe Taylor, and Mark Seaton. The saga of the Solar System unfolds in the volumes of the series. Each is an independent episode, yet the series tells one continuing story of the glorious middle years of the 22nd century.

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