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The Starman Team

Most books are written by a single person. The Starman Series, however, is quite different: it was written by three people, each of whom used his individual talents to contribute a different part of the book. The result of this collaboration is seamless—you probably would never have known that three people were behind these books if we hadn't told you. Together, the three make up the team behind the pseudonym Michael D. Cooper.

Those people are:


Picture of Jon CooperJon Cooper

This person was responsible for writing the plots of the Starman Series. In order to have a story you have to have a plot, and Jon was the person who stared at a blank piece of paper until a plot appeared on it. By the time he was done, he'd created a 10,000 to 20,000 word document that specified exactly what should happen in each chapter of the next Starman story. His plot was often changed and improved by the other team members, who took it and by hard work and magic turned it into a great story.

Biography: Jon Cooper, born in 1980, is a computer programmer living near Knoxville, Tennessee. Jon’s family traveled extensively for business when he was young, and he ended up visiting nineteen foreign countries by the time he was 20. Former residences include a several month stay in a thousand-year-old former monastery on an island in the Saone River in Lyon, France.


Picture of Mike Dodd

Mike Dodd

The Starman Series is a science-fiction series, and as such it depends pretty heavily on science. Mike Dodd was the official science advisor for the series, and helped to keep us at least somewhat realistic. He also came up with many of the core concepts of the series (like the Xenobots, the mantaship, the orbit of the tenth planet, and the pocket worlds).

Biography: Mike Dodd, born in 1957, is a social worker, part-time NASA consultant, and amateur zeppelin builder. He has a love for science fiction, especially the classic science fiction of the 1950s, and likes to tinker around and make interesting gadgets.


Picture of David BaumannDavid Baumann

Having a plotter and a science advisor is good, but if you want a book you have got to have a writer—preferably a really good writer, who can take an idea and develop it into something cool. David Baumann is the writer of the Starman Series, and he's quite a good one too - it's amazing what he can do with the plots and ideas the other two members come up with. One of his great strengths is a fine talent for description, and vivid imagery can be found throughout the series.


Biography: David Baumann was Rector of the Church of the Blessed Sacrament for 34 years until his retirement in 2012. He now lives in southern Illinois and is part-time priest at two small town congregations.

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