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The Starman Team gratefully its indebtedness to many, many people who have contributed to the creation of the Starman series.

We are especially grateful to those who gave time and expertise in many ways to help us create our stories: in particular, Fred Woodworth, Valerie Kramer, Mark McSherry, Michael Allison, Dafydd Neal Dyar, Richard Baumann, and Charlie Campbell.

We thank our artists Bill Baumann, Nick Baumann, Mark Montgomery, Baron Mrkva, Kevin Anetsberger, Josh Kenfield, and Allison Oh.

We thank those who served at one time or another in our Reading Group: Mary Doman, Mark and Benjamin Bennett, Leslie Owens, Laurel Barber Yoshimoto, and Joi Weaver.

In particular, we acknowledge our indebtedness to Joseph Greene who wrote the Dig Allen series that appeared in the late 1950s and early 1960s. This short-lived and little-known series set in the 22nd century chronicled the adventures of a three-man team of teenage space explorers. The titles of the books and their dates of publication are:

The Forgotten Star    (1959)

Captives in Space      (1960)

Journey to Jupiter    (1961)

Trappers of Venus    (1961)

Robots of Saturn      (1962)

Lost City of Uranus (1962)

The character of Jogren in the Starman saga is a tribute to him.

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2011 by David Baumann, Jonathan Cooper, Mike Dodd. All rights reserved.