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The Starman Series

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Welcome to the official website of the Starman Series!

The series is a classic science-fiction epic written in the style of the great 1960s classics and set in the 22nd century. The Starmen are the gifted and highly trained venturers of Starlight Enterprise. With their exploits, a new age of exploration and discovery began. Earth had not seen such a time for more than six centuries, when Columbus, Magellan, Drake, and others had set sail to discover new worlds.

Starmen David Foster, Joe Taylor, and Mark Seaton take assignments on Mars, in the Asteroid Belt, on a newly-discovered and far distant dwarf planet, and in the depths of the huge ocean under the miles-thick ice of the surface of Europa. In the course of their adventures, the three Starmen gradually learn the amazing history of the Solar System, and that this history is far different from what Earth had long believed. They become driven to search fervently for the alien race that, ages earlier, had impacted the Solar System profoundly. Their presence is needed desperately now as Earth prepares to resist a terrifying enemy from light years away.

Surrounded by the overwhelming darkness of this threat, the Starmen choose to confront the evil of their time. Their adventures take them into the rings of Saturn where a secret had been concealed twelve millennia earlier, across the galaxy to a neon planet, and eventually to their enemy’s home planet in a star cluster so bright that night cannot exist. Without knowing what it will cost to meet the challenge, the dedication and courage of Starmen David Foster, Joe Taylor, and Mark Seaton, joined by Starman Kathryn Mullaney and David's young sister, new Starman Kathy Foster, bring the Starman saga to its stunning climax.

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